Here at Stitched Up we usually each have two or three projects we’re stitching, knitting or designing. Well, maybe four or five projects… Some things take longer to make than others, but they do get finished. Here are a few bits and bobs we’ve crafted recently:

Leather phone covers with fabric hearts

Alice made these phone covers with young people in her role at the Factory Youth Zone by simply cutting out a shape and sewing a colourful piece of fabric inside. You could try any shape you prefer: perhaps a lightning bolt, or a star.

Cupcake pincushion

She also made this cupcake pincushion using fabric scraps. The cherry on top is such a cute finishing touch!

Upcycled tote bag

This tote bag was made by Sara using fabric and ribbon left over from other projects. Stitching the long handles around the bottom makes it extra sturdy, plus the burgundy panel at the bottom harmonises with the colours in the fabric.

Upcycled blouse

Finally, Jacky mended this peach blouse. The fabric triangles – snipped from men’s shirts bought in a charity shop – disguise a biro stain that stain remover refused to remove.

What have you been making recently?