It can be tempting to chuck away your leftover fabric scraps, assuming they have no use. But here at Stitched Up we love the challenge of finding a use for everything! Some great upcycling projects can make use of the smallest scraps of fabric if you get a bit creative.

We’re currently in the midst of a big new year tidy at our HQ and we’ve found piles of fabric scraps that are crying out to be made into something useful.

Here are some of our favourite ideas…

Rag Rug – Rag rugs are having a ‘thing’ right now, as well as being a super useful household item. They look amazing made from lots of different scraps of fabric. Go with a random colour selection or one which co-ordinates with your decor. Find a useful tutorial here.

Quilt – A handmade quilt is such a special, personal item to own or to give as a gift to someone you love. There are lots of options depending on how much fabric you have – a small one for a baby or pet or a large one to use as a throw. A quilt made from fabric scraps is bound to look super quirky and cute, plus it’s a great way to make something beautiful and functional out of sentimental items of clothing or textiles which are hard to let go of. This video has lots of useful tips to get you started.

Draft Excluder – As the weather starts to get colder a draft excluder is a home essential. If you have fabric scraps with an unattractive colour or pattern, or that are stained then you can cut them up and use them in place of the soft toy stuffing in this tutorial. This way they are out of sight but not being wasted.

Coasters – Your smallest fabric scraps will make for really cute and useful drink coasters which are super easy to make. A set of these (click for video turorial) will look great in your home and make for a good budget gift too.

Pattern Weights – Fabric pattern weights are so cute, use up the tiniest of scraps and are also an essential for a keen sewer. Find a tutorial and free pattern here.

Bunting – Bunting is so in right now and is perfect to bring out on special occasions. Or even just to brighten up your space 24/7. Bunting made from fabric scraps will be completely unique and will last much longer than paper or plastic bunting bought from the shops. Make traditional triangle bunting or try this more organic version… It involves much less measuring and cutting which makes for a quicker project.

Do you have any favourite projects for using up your fabric scraps? Let us know!
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