Well, here at the Stitched Up Headquarters we’re ONLY JUST recovering from Shambala Festival (see our previous post) but we’re already back on it and getting ready for a weekend of Stitch Clinics, Swap Shops and community “Sewcialising”.

That’s right the Stitched Up Crew are splitting ourselves up into two – well that’s just what you’ve got to do when you’re in demand and love spreading the sustainable fashion spirit!

This Saturday and Sunday we’ll be hosting a stitch clinic at the brand new Sewcialise project in Manchester’s Redbricks in Hulme. As of this weekend, Sewcialise happens on the first weekend of every month, and we’ll be facilitating the sessions for the next few months. This is specially for the residents of Redbricks, it’s a really fantastic project & we’re super excited about it! Take a look at the poster below:

The other event we’re hosting is at A Vintage Guild Weekend in Preston. 
Find our FB page for more details!  Make sure you tell your Prestonian friends to pop over and say hello!

A Vintage Guild Weekend celebrates what us Brits do best…Fashion! With a history steeped in stories of the textile boom, cotton mills and 40’s fashion, the Guild of 2012 celebrates Preston’s Vintage Guilds and the style soaked eras, re-created by vintage enthusiasts across Lancashire and beyond.

To find out More about “A Vintage Guild Weekend” visit their website http://vintageguildweekend.com/

Come along to A Vintage Guild Weekend to experience the thrill of swapping old for new, and learn the skill in our Stitch Clinic (with a few simple techniques) of revamping & reinvigorating your wardrobe.

Breathing new life into your old clothes will make you feel like you’ve spent a fortune on a brand new outfit!

Bring along an old party frock, tired pair of jeans or whatever sits in your wardrobe unloved and lonely & we’ll help you to turn it into something gorgeous, lovable and wearable again!

The Stitched Up team will be on hand to give expert styling and customization advice.

Don’t be shy! Come and learn a new skill & treat yourself…save the planet stylishly with one stitch at a time!

We will be in the Workshop tent from 10.30-6pm Saturday & Sunday, alongside some other amazing activities.

http://vintageguildweekend.com/  (click “What’s On” to find more details)

Prestonians you’re in for a treat!!