Week Five Bites


The chosen six

As you may know, here at Stitched Up Towers, we are currently in the midst of the sponsored Six Items Challenge, raising money for Labour Behind the Label.

We have each chosen 6 garments to wear for six weeks.

Find out more about the Six Items Challenge and why we’re taking part here.

As we begin week six of the Challenge, Bryony shares her thoughts thus far:

Being the third or fourth time I’ve done the Six Items Challenge, I’ve actually been finding it pretty stress-free this time around. For the most part I’ve been happy with my garment choices and have felt able to dress appropriately for most of the situations and weathers(!) that have arisen during the last five weeks. And I haven’t even been getting all THAT bored.

Bare wrists in the snow

Then week five arrived.

For some reason this has been the hardest week of all. I’ve spent most of it wearing stained, creased and distinctly not fresh clothes. One day my top, jumper AND coat happened to all have three-quarter sleeves – during the snow. And I’ve generally been getting a little hacked off with the lack of outfit choice.

This is partly because I’ve found myself enjoying wearing one outfit more than the other.

Unsurprisingly, my cycle-commuting, sacks-of-fabric-lugging lifestyle lends itself more to trousers than a dress. So the denim tunic has mainly languished in the wardrobe while my black jeans do all the hard work.

Last week, denim tunic saw its longest stretch of service when I continued wearing it for three days despite the bright orange chalk pen mark that somehow ended up down the front of it. Because I hadn’t washed my other clothes I didn’t have the option to change outfit.

Yesterday I ran out of clean clothes completely and spent my entire day off in my jim jams while I waited for my six items to wash and dry. By sheer luck a dry and sunny day coincided with my day off.

And after all that, today, a matter of hours after putting my newly laundered threads on, I found myself covered in sewing machine oil, dust and dog hair as a result of the day’s events. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions there.

So yes, week five has been a massive fail of outfit planning, spot washing and laundry scheduling.

But there’s only a week left to go, so how hard can it be?!

Wish me luck!


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We’d love it if you sponsored our Six Items Challenge – all money raised goes to Labour Behind the Label