DIY // Shop Your Stash Challenge

If you’re a sewist and you use Instagram, you’ll know the #MakeNine Challenge (@makeninechallenge) hosted by Rochelle of @homerowfiberco.

((If you don’t, where have you been?? Go and check it out immediately!))

The idea of #MakeNine is to sit down at the start of the year and choose nine projects to make over the next 12 months. The challenge encourages a slower and more intentional approach to making, prioritising quality over quantity and resisting the lure of Instagram and Pinterest which can leave you with a projects list that you couldn’t possibly complete in a whole lifetime.

It’s a great concept, but some makers are pushing it further – and we love it!

In December @judithrosalind proposed a #MakeNine alternative, #ShopYourStash, where all of your Make Nine projects are based on fabric you already own. Be honest – how many of us makers actually need to buy any new fabric in 2020?

And Joy Margot from @PinkCoatClub has renamed the #MakeNine the #MakeAndMendNine, setting out nine projects which can be new makes or repairs.

So, we’re in! Fancy joining our team in the #MakeAndMendNine / #ShopYourStash challenge for 2020? All you have to do is choose nine projects that you want to complete in 2020, using only fabrics that you already have, including repairs if you like.

Tag us on social media @stitchedupuk, alongside the hashtags #MakeAndMendNine / #ShopYourStash and show us your list!


#MakeAndMendNine / #ShopYourStash Challenge

Our team’s choices for 2020…



  1. Patchwork cushion cover from scraps
  2. Repair ripped seam on pink top
  3. Repair jacket pockets
  4. Bomber jacket made from sofa cover (self-drafted pattern)
  5. Orange top (copied from one I already own)
  6. Bright floral top (pattern TBC)
  7. Dungarees (copy of existing pair) using organic cotton canvas from the Organic Textile Company
  8. Jeans using lovely organic denim from OTC (self-drafted pattern or I’ll run out of time/enthusiasm and use Anna Allen’s Phillipa Pants.
  9. Bag made with rescued sofa leather (self-drafted)



  1. Patch hole on a dress
  2. Upcycle jeans to cover a stain
  3. Hand embroidery on a denim jacket
  4. Upcycling jumper to cover a stain
  5. Wide Leg Pants from Peppermint Magazine
  6. Pair of trousers (copy pattern from a pair I already own)
  7. Mending a cushion cover chewed by a pet
  8. Undies set using Made My Wardrobe‘s Josie Bra and Pants pattern
  9. Dungarees (using Made My Wardrobe’s Greta Dungarees)



  1. Sirdar 1576 blanket (x2)
  2. Rico 632 cardigan
  3. Kate Atherley Socks
  4. Jan Beadle scarf (weaving pack)
  5. Quilt – English Paper Piecing (pattern TBC)
  6. Quilt – (machine stitch pattern TBC)
  7. Mittens (pattern TBC)
  8. Cushion cover (self-drafted pattern)



  1. Watson Bra by Cloth Habit
  2. Oversized jumper (find fabric from stash)
  3. Finish red dungarees adapted from In the Folds Wide Leg Pants pattern.
  4. Pom Pom Crop Jumper
  5. Tie Jumpsuit with organic linen from Offset Warehouse
  6. Needle punch kit bought before Christmas
  7. Finish knitting stripey socks
  8. Finish Peplum Top from In the Folds, which I cut out at least two years ago!
  9. Mend floral jumpsuit


Will we stick to it? Who knows! But it feels good to have a plan…

What’s your #MakeAndMendNine for 2020? Let us know!

Stitched Up x