Emily, Sara & Kelly Taking a few minutes out!

We were in the most amaazing yurt that Bryony set up

What a weekend to remember, it was over in such a haze, we worked hard and partied just enough to maintain composure (except maybe one Stitched Up member who vanished for a lie down on the last day…uh-hem mentioning no names!)

This year our very own Kelly Joseph put together a proposal to run a series of crafty, ethical, recycled and eco-fashion workshops to take to Shambala festival. For those of you that don’t know what Shambala is you must take a look at there website. It’s an independant and sustainable festival promoting community and creativity, so the perfect set up for Stitched Up and the Crew.

one young lad showing off his recycled denim and rainbow button moustache photo-prop and sporting his matching gentlemanly eco bow-tie.

We were delighted to be a apart of it and ran some really fun and spontaneous activities, as usual we focused on recycled & upcycled crafts for children and grown-ups – we don’t discrimminate against age, gender, or abilities we know that our activities can be enjoyed by all and tailored to any individual! Our only regret is that we didn’t run our workshops in shifts, which meant we didn’t really get chance to take part or get involved in any of the other amazing activities that were happening. Live and learn?

rainbow button bracelet and pringlebox bangle, we have to say she was a little worse for wear when she first entered our yurt, sulky and un-inclined, but was chuffed with her final creations in the end! – We’re proud to have put a smile back on her face!

We’re very much looking forward to taking part again next year, as it had such a fantastic family vibe, with focus on so many things that hold true to us.

This young seamstress couldn’t get enough of our workshops & came back 2days in a row each time creating something new, we showed her how to create her very own “no-sew” tutu using some of her own fabric and our off-cuts, plus she made bangles, hair bows and loads more bits!!

 We made pringle box bangles, photo-prop moustaches, button bracelets, fabric yo-yo’s, hair accessories, no sew tut-tu’s and loads more, we also got some really positive and lovely feedback, please check out our flickr for more photographs!