We’re absolutey chuffed to bits that some of our volunteers and friends have joined us in taking on the sponsored ‘Six Items Challenge’ to raise money for the Labour Behind the Label Trust. Today our lovely Sarah is taking over the Stitched Up blog to share her thoughts on the challenge thus far. Sarah has been a valued member of our team of volunteers for the past year or so. She’s passionate about changing the fashion industry for the better, and is also a talented seamstress. This May she’ll be teaching our brand new Garment Making Course which we can’t wait for!

Take it away Sarah!

This is my first time doing the Six Items Challenge, and if I’m honest it’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Over the past year since graduating I’ve been trying to become more aware and more active in the world of sustainable and ethical fashion so taking part in the Six Items Challenge with Stitched Up and Labour Behind The Label is my way of changing both my attitudes to the fast fashion industry and hopefully raise awareness at the same time. However having said that I am currently working at a local fast fashion brand in Manchester. As a result I hope this six week challenge is certainly going to be an interesting one – I wonder how my six items will hold up right in the heart of fast fashion?

After consulting the Stitched Up team and their words of wisdom, I listened to none of it and picked my final six items the night before the challenge began…but I am pleased with my final six. I went for the clothes I wear on a regular basis that can be mixed and matched from day to night – I think.

I am under the impression that my wardrobe is fairly minimal and I don’t wear too many items (yet my wardrobe is well stocked). But I feel that the challenge for me may be that also over the past year I have lost around two stone and have been quite eager to revamp my wardrobe and to have the freedom to buy (or make) something new whenever I want could be difficult.

So! My six items are, put simply, 2 bottoms 4 tops.

Tops; A black high neck jumper, that I’m worried may look worn out already so I’m starting to think of ways to revamp, a grey high neck jumper (there’s a bit of theme going here), one more jumper BUT with 3/4 length sleeves that hopefully if the sunshine should ever appears will be adaptable for warm weather and finally a cropped t-shirt that is my saving grace for any nights out I get invited too (two Birthdays so far and we’re only 5 days in).

Bottoms; I have chosen a key staple with one my items and gone with my trusty black jeans (with black dye at the ready for the already slightly grey rinse) and my last item is a true favourite right now, my beloved newly acquired colourful skirt that I got at Stitched Up’s monthly clothes swap. Which I’m using as another day to night piece.

That’s my final six so here’s to the next 5 weeks and 2 days. Wish me luck!

We are looking to raise £500 for Labour Behind the Label Trust. Check out Sarah and the Stitched Up team’s sponsorship page here and make a pledge to support garment workers around the world!