Alongside The Proud Trust’s first clothes swap on 16th September, we ran a free drop in Wardrobe Surgery in their beautiful space. People could swap their clothes for new to them preloved garments, then learn how to make them work for them with alterations, reworking, and hand sewing techniques. Some people also came in with items from their own wardrobe that they weren’t currently wearing, to learn how to make their clothes work for them.

It was a lovely event, and we had a fantastic time sharing all sorts of techniques on the day; from knitwear darning, to hem alterations, to very ambitious projects. One participant wanted to make a Y2K denim jacket into a corset top, and we loved the idea so much we had to help them make it happen!

Learning to do even the most basic repairs and alterations ensures that clothes last longer, and by keeping your clothes for an extra nine months, you reduce their environmental footprint by 20-30%, making these absolutely invaluable skills. Plus, considering how much money you can save by doing your own alterations and repairs, it’s a no brainer to learn how to perform your own Wardrobe Surgery.