Earlier this year we ran a 4 week sewing and repair course at Wai Yin, with In Our Nature. This was an introduction to sewing, repair, and alterations, and we empowered the group to continue skill sharing and repairing together after our sessions. On Saturday 14th October we’re going back to support a student-led repair event, and we can’t wait to see how the group has progressed!

The first couple of weeks, Katy focussed on teaching the basics of sewing by machine and by hand, and everyone completed a tote bag project. After that there was flexibility for the participants to bring in whatever they were interested in mending or altering, and learn through extending the lives of their own wardrobes. 

“Katy managed to squeeze in a lot of content in a short space of time, she was excellent. I had no idea how many elements there are to setting up a sewing machine, but I’m feeling inspired and may need to purchase one myself.” In Our Nature 

We really enjoyed working with Wai Yin, with support from In Our Nature. As they put in a post about our course “Learning to sew, repair and adapt our clothes makes a huge difference to our carbon footprints, as it dramatically reduces the amount of new clothes we need to buy, or old clothes we throw away. It’s a skill for life, and one that’ll save you loads of money in the long run too!”

Following this course, we’re running a free clothes repair workshop on Saturday 14th October at Wai Yin, with In Our Nature and Cheetham Cultural Festival. The drop-in workshop will run from 10am – 2pm. There will be materials to practise repairing and mending skills, and the chance to have a go on a sewing machine. It’s also a chance to bring any of your own clothes that need a bit of TLC.