BTS we’ve been working hard on #TheKathleenProject – an oral history project capturing tales from Manchester’s textile industry, in the voices of those who lived it.

Our first interviewee is the inimitable Joan, a proud Strefordian born and bred, and an absolute pillar of the local comunity.

Joan, who was born in 1922, has shared so many wonderful stories with us from her time working as a dressmaking apprentice on Deansgate from 1936-1940. The full conversation with Joan will be available very soon.

If you, or someone you know, worked in Manchester’s textile industry and would be interested in chatting with us about it, please do point them our way! We also have opportunities for volunteers to get involved in the surrounding archival reasearch and visual documentation for the project, and developing the final exhibition, due to take place in September.


With thanks to Historic England for supporting this project.