Future Directions is a Community Interest Company who create tailored support solutions for individuals, families, and local communities. They wanted a workshop for neurodivergent adults and adults with learning difficulties, that used reclaimed materials, and fostered wellbeing and independence building. 

Our draft excluder workshop was a great fit. Participants used reclaimed jeans legs to make the outer shape, which were then decorated and stuffed with fabric scraps. We facilitated a casual, comfortable environment where participants could put their own creative flair on their draft excluder, and walk away with a beautiful and very useful practical item. According to the Energy Saving Trust, draft proofing your home can be one of the cheapest and quickest ways to save energy, and money, by keeping the cold out and the warm in..

We got some really positive feedback from the session. Participants were really keen to learn skills like how to use a sewing machine, and were proud and excited with what they’d made. Even though we are coming into the warmer months, people said they were still going to display their draft excluders in their homes all year round! They loved finding creative ways to use the scrap fabrics by creating shapes and letters, and incorporating ribbons and fabric pens.

If you would like us to come to your organisation or group, check out our Groups page for more information, and how to get in contact with your ideas. We’d love to work with you!