If you are planning to attend our workshops, courses and events in the coming weeks, we wanted to update you on our latest plan of action.

For the time being, we have decided to cancel any events with larger numbers of people attending, and some multi-week courses which are likely to be interrupted by Coronavirus measures in the coming weeks.

We will notify you of any changes to our published schedule via the contact details you provided at point of booking. We will also be posting updates on our website and social media.

For now, some classes will continue, but we are taking additional measures to keep everyone safe:

– Our class sizes are small (6 max), but we will take the additional precaution of spacing tables out so that there is a reasonable distance between everyone.

– In order to minimise the sharing of equipment, everyone will have their own separate set of equipment to use for the duration of the class.

– We will be asking everybody to wash hands on arrival, and before and after you eat anything, maybe before you leave too… a lot. Don’t be offended if we ask you to.

– Tissues and hand sanitiser will be available. We ask that any coughs or sneezes are caught in a tissue, binned, and hands washed.

– After classes, our space, surfaces, door handles and equipment including sewing machines will be disinfected.

– We ask that you do not come in if you feel at all unwell. The same goes for our staff and volunteers. Let us know and we will reschedule the booking, see our Cancellation Policy linked below.

We have amended our cancellation policy in light of the current situation and you can find it here.

We are monitoring this situation closely and will update you asap on any changes.

Stay safe everyone

Stitched Up x