Measured fashion show are looking for models to be part of the next big thing in Manchester. Part of sustainable fashion’s Slow Fashion movement, Measured will be showing several cutting edge collections on the catwalk at Manchester’s new Whim Wham Café, from the people who brought you the legendary Whim Wham Club.

Measured is Manchester’s own slow fashion event – dedicated to showcasing sustainable garments made by independent designers.

Slow Fashion is a term that describes clothing which is bespoke or made on a small scale. By also using locally and sustainably sourced materials and ethical manufacturing, these designs are made to last and outlive trends.

This is something that is of utmost importance to UK-based designers Constanze Friedrichs and Silvia Hoya-Mena, who incorporate the principles of Slow Fashion in the design process of their individual collections.

With these shared principles, the idea for Measured was born.

The event will be showcasing the latest collections of Constanze Friedrichs and Silvia Hoya-Mena, complimented with accessories by Bristol-based designer Katcha Bilek and jewellery by Ibex Gold.

Measured is an exciting artistic collaboration, showcasing a variety of talented individuals working in different disciplines.

To take part in this great new opportunity on 7th June, please get in touch with

Silvia on 07890 101 727

Or Constanze on 07597 069 159



c/o Studio ONE

Floor 2

Hotspur House

2 Gloucester Street


M1 5QB