batwing top

Happy World Environment Day everyone!

The theme this year is ‘Consume with care’, so we thought we’d share our top 3 tops for clothing yourself ethically:

1. Before you go shopping, use these tips to identify your personal style, then go through your wardrobe and spot the gaps, and the surplus. Don’t buy more of what you already have.

2. At the shops, use Ethical Consumer’s clothing guide to choose the most ethical brands

3. If you can’t find EXACTLY what you want – don’t compromise – on your style or your ethics. Learn to sew or repair your clothes with us so you can get more from your wardrobe. Making your clothes from reclaimed textiles from charity shops or our ‘Shaberdahsery’ is not only fun to do, it saves more clothing waste from ending up in landfill.

Happy making!

Stitched Up x