September is all about minimising waste and maximising wellbeing. Hooray to that!

This month is home to three campaigns focused tackling waste; first Zero Waste Week, then Recycle Week and finally this week it’s the turn of our personal favourite – Waste Less Live More Week.

Waste Less Live More Week is based on the simple prenise that what’s good for the environment is good for us.

We couldn’t agree more. At Stitched Up, respect for the environment is a central part of the six commitments made in our manifesto, including:

“We love our planet and believe we should treat is with respect”

“We are passionate about recycling, upcycling, reuse and reducing waste.”

Here are a few ways you can embrace September’s low waste message with us over the coming weeks…


Join in with the Manchester Repair Cafe
Manchester Repair Cafe is a FREE, volunteer-run monthly meetup for people who want to repair broken things. The idea is that you get together with your community to learn new skills and save items from ending up in the bin.
The event, which will take place at Stitched Up HQ on the second Saturday of the month is always looking for volunteers. If you can help, get in touch!

Find out about all the upcoming #McrRepairCafe events here



Come along to our Yard Sale on Saturday 24th September
This coming Saturday we’re selling off loads of fabrics at £1 per metre. There will be  bargains on other haberdashery items too. The sale runs for one day only from 12-4pm.
More info here



Swap, don’t shop
We’re moving our popular clothes swaps to a lovely city centre location next month – the gorgeous Wonder Inn! The swaps will be held monthly and will be bigger and better than ever before, featuring mens’ womens’ and childrens’ clothing!
Upcoming dates are listed on our website and our Facebook page.


Learn to sew
With just a few simple sewing skills you can extend the useful life of your clothes by making quick and easy repairs. Our beginners sewing class takes you through the basics of using a sewing machine and will have you on the road in no time!
Next class 15th Oct



Donate unwanted fabrics
All the fabric we use in our workshops and sell on for re-use has been diverted from landfill, donated to us by kind individuals or businesses concerned by their environmental impacts. If you’re having a destash, we’re always grateful of new donations! Nothing donated to us is ever put into landfill. We sort and grade all scrap, and can use even tiny pieces in our workshops. Some is passed on to schools and community groups and anything we absolutely can’t use is recycled.

Here’s to a happier, less wasteful September!