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Good day everyone. Bryony here. Just downing my third coffee of the day whilst contemplating the absolute horror show that is the new @channel4 Missguided documentary. ⛔ Wow. ⛔ I’m not sure how the narration style was meant to come across exactly, but what I got was something along the lines of: Mancunians think swearing makes us edgy, and we couldn’t give less of a sh*t about anyone but ourselves (‘scuse the swearing, like). • By the end of the episode my jaw ached from all the cringing. One prime example: the line "in just 5 weeks, we made it, shot it, sold it & smashed it." Just embarrassing. Though nothing made me feel more ashamed than the very first line of the show “Manchester, our hometown & the best city in the world, oh and it's the empire of fast fashion." Using the word ‘empire’ in reference to an industry which systematically exploits black and brown people (mostly women) in order to extract profit… Disgusting. Along with a quote from one of the staff along the lines of  "we might be owned by a man, but we're definitely run by women." And the millionaire in this picture is who? 🤷‍♀️ This brand lives up to it’s name AND SOME. • Yes, a number of cheapo fast fashion brands are headquartered in #Manchester but our city & the GM region is also home to an ever growing community of people working towards a more responsible and forward-thinking future for fashion (some of them tagged – tap to see & feel free to share others). Far from all of us in Manchester are proud of the #fastfashion link. • This is the second documentary in recent times seen to glamorise this extremely exploitative business model. Last year, the BBC published Breaking Fashion, a behind-the-scenes look at Boohoo which was accurately described by @dazed as “a cheap, tone deaf misfire.” • That major TV channels are doing these brands’ PR for them is an absolute disgrace. And baffling, given that Channel 4’s own 2017 Dispatches documentary exposed garment workers making for Missguided (and Boohoo) in the UK being paid £3.25 an hour. Presumably, large amounts of money have changed hands. Just. Vile. • Anyway, that’s my rant over. On with the day. Enjoy the sun, all!☀️ [Bryony]

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