n celebration of Cooperatives Fortnight 2016, we’re sharing a little about what makes us tick and why we love being part of a cooperative…


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be involved with Stitched Up.|
I grew up in homemade handmade clothes (thanks mother, for mine and my sister’s matching tracksuits). And my dad – if he could not fix it then it was truly broken. Both my parents instilled in me their creativity and resourcefulness. Graduating with a fine art degree and now currently studying for my masters in product design, I have become a bit of a jack of all trades. Not being a fan of mass production, and firmly believing in sustainability through social change, I now find myself being the newest member of Stitched Up and loving it!

What do you find the most inspiring aspect of Stitched Up’s work?
Truly the people! I love our volunteers; the diversity of each and everyone of them, all with the drive to do some good in the world. I greatly admire my fellow directors for their integrity and determination without sacrificing in what they believe.

What does working in a cooperative mean to you?
You are stronger as a whole. No person is an island.  There is a kind of support and respect that you just don’t get from other working environments, also the opportunity you get for shared learning is one not to miss. This is my first time working within a cooperative and I’m never going back.