Today we’re excited to bring you a guest post from Charlotte of Know the Origin. KTO is a super inspiring ethical fashon brand with a focus on full transparency in its supply chain. KTO are currently running a brilliant pop-up store in Shoreditch. Not only can you check out loads of lovely ethical clothes, but there’s also a fab programme of events ranging from upcycling workshops to discussions on zero waste.

Sounds amazing, right? Tell us more Charlotte!


My name is Charlotte Instone and I am the founder of the ethical and transparent fashion brand, Know The Origin. At the KTO we produce wearable, fashionable clothing that are 100% fairtrade and organic from seed to garment. We use our clothing and social platforms to raise awareness about the importance of transparency within the fashion industry.

Recently we have launched a pop-up store, in London and online, that has gathered 30 brands from across the world who are passionate about using their products to support people!

The transparent store is a collection of affordable brands that we believe represent transparency, respect and ethics within the fashion industry. It is a pop-up store in Shoreditch, with some products available online, where the customers have full access to information on the supply chains of each brand and can see the KTO standards each brand meet.

The idea behind the store was rooted in getting people excited about these amazing, ethical and transparent brands that produce quality products! We wanted to provide an affordable alternative around Christmas time that allowed customers to use their purchases as ways to support incredible brands and the people and environment in their supply chains. It’s been so exciting to discover so many wonderful concepts that align with KTO values and to get people talking about ethical fashion.

We have been running for just over 1 year, and have seen how increasingly excited people are to find an ethical brand that supports people in not having to compromise ethics, style or affordability. Within that year we also became a part of this incredible network of ethical producers who are all striving for the same aim – to transform the way we shop. It just felt like the perfect time to combine everything we have learnt over the past year into this one, kick-ass store.

We hope the transparent store will impact people! We hope it will encourage people to learn more and to start asking questions about where their clothing comes from. We hope it will challenge other stores to switch to ethical practices. We hope it will support the people in the supply chains of our brands. This store closes on the 17th December, but next year we will open a permanent online transparent marketplace, as well as more pop ups across the country.

For anyone looking to find out more about where their clotehs are from, you can read all about our supply chains on our website here and we have a sustainability page filled with advice and information.
There are lots of great brands and websites promoting transparency – check out the brands we are supporting on our website and in store then keep researching!

Charlotte Inston


Thank you Charotte! Best of luck with the last few days of the transparent store. We look forward to future pop-ups, it would be great to have one Manchester one day!…

For anyone in London, the KTO Pop Up transparent store is open until 17th December at 32 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3PB.

Check out the Facebook page here >>