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As you may or may not know, our very first Repair Café took place the Saturday before last and it was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came along, we had a great time meeting all of you.

Alfred, who is skilled in many fields of repair was on hand to help you, as was our very own Emily. Some of the items you brought in for repair included frayed clothing, a very tall lamp which wouldn’t light up, a record player that didn’t make any sound, a projector and a sewing machine. We are pleased to say that all of you reported that your items were fixed (or fixed to a degree and that you were given helpful advice on what to do next).

A sewing machine being repaired at Manchester Repair Cafe - July 2016

It was a lovely community atmosphere and we had a great chat with some of you over a cup of tea. It was nice to hear the stories behind your broken items, and what you thought of the Repair Café. Some of your feedback included:

‘Was great, good advice and let me do it myself so I can learn for next time. Thank you, I will be coming back’

‘Very friendly, we were put at ease straight away. Very good information shared’

‘Greeted when came in. Told what to expect. Seen straight away. Solved Problem’

A lamp being fixed at the first Manchester Repair Cafe - July 2016

Overall we had a lot of fun and we are really looking forward to the next Repair Café. Putting on a new kind of event is always a bit of a risk, so we are so grateful for our volunteers and our customers for making it pay off.

There are many more events to come and we expect to have more broken items as the Repair Cafe expands so if you think you could help out with some of the repairing (you don’t have to be a professional – anyone who is willing to give it a go is welcome) then please let us know.

See you at our next Repair Café on August 16th!

Stitched Up x