Wardrobe Surgery is an event we’ve run in all sorts of environments and to varied demographics over the years, and it always goes down a storm.

You’ll drop in with a piece from your wardrobe that you’ve fallen out of love with, and we teach you how to change it up into something you’ll want to wear again and again.

Here’s 5 reasons why Wardrobe Surgery is awesome:

  1. It’s adaptable
    • It doesn’t matter if you are a dab hand with the sewing machine, or have never picked up a needle before, Wardrobe Surgery is for you. There’s lots of different ways to mend or alter clothing, from sashiko (which uses simple needle and thread) to full reworking of a garment into a new piece, and Wardrobe Surgery is ready for the whole spectrum of sewing experience. 
  2. It’s personalised
    • Because you’ll bring your own item of clothing, it’s a very personalised experience for each person. It can be easier to learn when you’re motivated to learn and apply these new skills to something you actually want to take home with you. You’re a colourful dresser, but your friend is a fan of black? Both of you can get involved with Wardrobe Surgery and have a tailored experience. 
  3. There’s so many skills to learn
    • Whether mending or upcycling, visible or invisible, there are a whole host of skills in our toolbox to help you get the most out of your unloved garment. We bring preloved fabrics and trims, plus tools to show you lots of different techniques. Depending on the event, we can even personalise our materials to match the demographic’s interests and abilities.
  4. It’s truly sustainable creativity
    • You’ll bring your own clothing item to upcycle, and using recycled materials, learn to keep your clothes in rotation for longer. “Research by WRAP found that extending the average life of clothes by just nine months would save £5 billion in resources used to supply, launder and dispose of clothing.” If you wear the clothing you reworked for even just nine months longer, you make a real difference to the reduction of textile waste, and the resources that entails. Plus now you can apply these newly learned upcycling skills to other garments in your wardrobe, keeping more clothing out of landfill.
  5. You keep clothes out of landfill
    • WRAP recently published their Textiles Market Situation Report 2024, and their findings were shocking. They found that 49% of all used textiles in the UK were disposed of in general waste. That’s an average of 35 items of clothing per person, going in the household waste bin, where 84% is incinerated, and 11% sent to landfill. Stitched Up changes people’s framing of clothing, from something disposable, to a resource to look after as long as possible, upcycle to keep it in rotation, and to dispose of responsibly at its end of life.

We are running a brand new monthly Wardrobe Surgery social at the gorgeous Beaumont Organic. This is a social meetup for menders and upcyclers – a friendly place to chat and support one another, share skills and ideas and troubleshoot projects. There’ll also be an opportunity to look through Beaumont Organic’s timeless collections and do some late night shopping. Starting in June, tickets are available now.