We often get asked how our clothes swaps work, so here’s the rules:

>> Choose up to six garments to bring (clean clothes, shoes & accessories accepted)

>> Drop your clothes off during the first half hour of the event.

>> You’ll be given a swap card & it will be stamped once per item of clothing you bring – designer/vintage items get an orange stamp, and everything else gets a green stamp.

>> Sip a glass of wine and chat to other swappers
while we sort out all the swaps (we have juice & hot drinks too, just ask)

>> Swapping begins half an hour after the start of the event- grab all the clothes you love – you can swap each stamp for a garment. Remember you can swap like-for-like, so if you have three designer/vintage stamps, you get three designer/vintage items back. You can swap ‘down’ for high street items if you wish, but not up.

>> If you have spare stamps at the end, you can bring them along to the next swap and use them then.

That’s it!

Our next swap is during #SecondhandFirst Week, on Sat 28th September 2015.
Tickets available here >>

See you there!