We CANNOT say how excited we are to see in summer…

Our bike trailer and mobile workshop space – funded by YOU – is nearing completion thanks the the amazing ‘Maker of Things’ Alfred Chow..

And so we’ve lined up her first few engagements of the summer…

Find us at:

  • Envirolution Festival – Saturday 4th June
    we’ll be at this year’s Envirolution Festival with our mobile workshop space running an upcycled bunting workshop! Come and learn to make bunting, from upcycled materials and using our beautiful vintage hand-powered sewing machines.
    Total cost to the planet – zero!Platt Fields Park, 1-7pm
    FREE but donations welcome!
  • Manchester Histories Festival – Saturday 4th June
    Visit our Chorlton workshop for a tour of our vintage sewing machine collection. These beautiful machines, some hand-powered, one treadle and one electric, were all made between 1925-1950. They hark back to a time when Manchester was the centre of the British textile industry and no home was complete without its own sewing machine and resident seamstress. have a go at hand-cranking and treading yourself! And if you have a special item you’d like to mend, feel free to bring it along.Stitched Up HQ, 1-4pm


Want to book us to attend your festival, private party or community event? We can run a sewing workshop anywhere, even in a field, thanks to our hand-powered sewing machines. We’re open to your ideas, however out there, so get in touch to discuss!

hello [ at ] stitchedup.coop