Why buy a Christmas jumper when you can repurpose one you already own?

Here’s how we made ours:


Pieces of coloured felt
Chalk or disappering pen
Bobbles and sequin trim
Safety pins
Your favourite jumper
Sewing thread and needle (optional)
Glue (optional)


1] Sketch out a festive design onto your felt. We went for a super simple triangle shape to make a Christmas tree, but how about a Christmas pudding, a snowflake or a Snowperson??

2] Decorate your felt shape to bring the idea to life, usng other colours of felt, as well as trims and shiny bits. You can glue or stitch these on.

3] Now you just need to either safety pin or stitch it to your favourite jumper.

4] When the festive season is over (or when you need to wash it) simply remove the decoration and your jumper is back to its old self again! If you’re feeling super thrifty, you can keep the decoration for next year.


Stitched Up x