Here’s a great poject for all those holey t-shirts that are beyond repair… Upcycled Undies!

For these ones we’ve used some jersey garments that have lived a long life but are no longer useful in their current form – worn thin and holey in places, or just plain out of style.

We’ve used the FREE Stevie Knickers pattern by Paper Theory. It’s only 7 pages to print off, so it’s less of an ordeal than some print-at-home pdf patterns!

There’s a great video tutorial on how to construct them here.

We’ve made one pair with elastic on the wrong side (leopard print), and one with it on the right side (multi print). The leopard print pair definitely feel more durable, but that’s partly due to the fabric – the multi print jersey is super thin and soft. They feel great, but possibly won’t be the most long lasting pants ever. But only time will tell!

As well as this jersey pair, we’ve also used woven fabric scraps to make underwear in our Upcycled Undies workshops. What do you think – would you have a go at making your own underwear? And would you prefer to use stretch jersey or woven fabrics?

It’s been a while since we’ve run an Upcycled Undies workshop, but we’re considering adding this one into our summer programme – let us know if you’re into this idea!

Stitched Up x