PROJECTS // Does craft improve your mental health? Do you make things as a form of therapy? Sew for self-care? If so WE NEED YOU! Join in our collaborative banner-making project, celebrating the benefits of creativity for wellbeing.

There are three different ways you can contribute:

1. Come along to our FREE workshop on Sat 26th Jan to add a speech bubble to our baner, or help decorate it. We’ll be working with allique, embroidery, crochet and other things, so there’s lots to try.
RSVP to the workshop here

2. Send us a speech bubble through the post – embroider or draw your message onto a piece of fabric and send it to us by 26th Jan.

3. Email us your message and we’ll ask a volunteer to stitch it for you!

To get your ideas going, here a a few messages we have so far:

💬 “Knitting is my happy place”

💬 “Sewing has allowed me to express myself”

💬 “I go into the zone when I’m creating and forget everything else”

Once the banner is completed, it will be used to promote Manchester Community Central’s ‘Sharing Our Wellness’ campaign, to encourage conversations about mental wellbeing and different ways to take care of ourselves.