Today is International Day of Co-operatives, and also the last day of Co-operatives Fortnight in the UK.

Very aptly for us, this year’s theme is ‘Sustainable Consumption and Production’.

Today, though we’re not all in the same place, we’re celebrating this day together (thank you internet).

Emily and Bryony were running our quarterly Clothes Swap at our HQ in Chorlton. Thanks to this amazing sunshine we set up most of the rails outside. Though we did have to set up a shady zone with some iced water… SO HOT!

Our lovely Claire has spent the entire day in a boiling hot tent at Stockton Heath Festival. She’s been teaching young people how to revamp their denim with embroidery and visible mending. And how to use hand crank sewing machines to make beautiful upcycled bunting.

Feeling super proud to be a co-operative, today and every day!

As a workers’ co-operative we each have an equal say in how the business is run and we own it, together.  Read some thoughts from all three Directors on why co-ops are so great:

Claire // Emily // Bryony //

To all our fellow co-operatives and co-operators – Happy International Day of Co-operatives!

Stitched Up x