As most of our supporters will know, the issue of working conditions in the global clothing industry is very close to our hearts. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we set up our li’l cooperative in the first place. We feel that the way workers in the fashion industry are exploited to make huge profits for fast fashion brands is simply not on.

So, we have comitted to taking on an epic ‘fashion fast’ to raise sponsorship money for Labour Behind the Label Trust, an organisation which works to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry.

The challenge is to wear just SIX ITEMS of clothing for SIX WHOLE WEEKS, starting from March 1st. Yes that’s right – we’ll be wearing the same six things for forty whole days, aka a month and a half!

This isn’t the first time we’ve done it, so we know exactly how challenging a challenge it is! When you think about it, six items isn’t much at all – one dress, one skirt, a pair of trousers, two t-shirts, a jumper and that’s it!

The rules specify that underwear and outerwear aren’t included in the six items, but this doesn’t make it any less of a daunting task…

All three of us directors are taking part – Bryony, Claire and Emily. Also some of our volunteers and supporters plan to join in too. We’ll be blogging as we go, sharing the selection of our outfits and the ways we hope to stitch, upcycle and repair our way through the six weeks! You can follow our progress here.

It would mean such a lot to us if you could sponsor us (however big or small the amount), share our fundraising page or even just send us a message of encouragement.

Wish us luck!
Stitched Up x