This week is Volunteers’ Week, and all week we will be celebrating the huge contribution made by volunteers both to the work of Stitched Up and the third sector in general.

Every day we will be sharing the thoughts of our amazing, enthusiastic team of volunteers, who help out with everything from events, workshops, admin and outreach.

Today, Lizz shares her thoughts on volunteering. Lizz has been a regular member of our team for almost exactly a year now. She is a skilled maker and helps out with lots of things, including workshop prep and sample making, and administering our Etsy shop.

Lizz Stitched Up volunteer

Lizz says she started volunteering because “I wanted to try something new, do something I cared about, experience different environments and meet new people! I’ve gained a lot from volunteering over the years. I got my first ever work experience through volunteering, plus lots more varied and interesting work experience since, and have even gone on to work for a charity where I had voluntary experience. I’ve also met lots of different people and learned a whole range of stuff, from cashing up to food safety.”

“I really like getting to be creative at Stitched Up – it’s really rewarding when I can contribute ideas. I’ve also appreciated the chance to do a variety of new stuff related to sewing, from cutting out patterns to learning new sewing machine skills.”

To anyone considering volunteering, Lizz would say: “Give it a go – there’s something for everyone, whether you want to steward at a huge parade, or price books in the back room of a charity shop (I’ve done both!)”

Thank you Lizz for your time and dedication over the past year! We really appreciate all your work with us.