Slow Fashion Summer Challenge

No new clothes this summer – could you do it?

When summer arrives, it’s tempting to head to the shops for some fresh new threads. Especially this year, when the UK is experiencing an unprecedented ‘heatwave’ (aka an actual summer). But we’re determined not to let our need for wardrobe ‘newness’ lead us to the high street!
That’s why we’ve signed up to the Slow Fashion Summer Challenge

Take the Slow Fashion Summer challenge

All you have to do to take part is commit to buying no new clothes this summer (from 21 June to 21 September).

The rules of the challenge still allow you to shop secondhand (at charity shops or eBay), swap clothes, or get creative with a bit of visible mending or upcycling. But it doesn’t even require that much effort – you can simply wear what you already own. EASY RIGHT?

What do you think – could you do it?

We’ve signed up and will be blogging about our experiences, as well as sharing some upcycling tips and tutorials that you can try out too.

Join in

Yes, it has already started but there’s still time if you fancy joining in… You can use the #SlowFashionSummer hashtag on Twitter and Instgram, and join the Facebook group ‘Collaction Slow Fashion Summer’.

If you’re Manchester-based, pop in to our Clothes Swap this Saturday to refesh your wardrobe without buying anything new. Yet to be convinced about clothes swaps? Check out our five reasons swapping is better than shopping  and tell us you’re not tempted to gie it a try…

Let us know if you’re going to take the plunge with Slow Fashion Summer, and share your pics with us! #slowfashionsummer @stitchedupuk #StitchedUpCoop