Stitched Up are taking part in the Six Items Challenge – a sponsored ‘fashion fast’ to raise funds for Labour Behind the Label Trust, who support garment workers from around the world to secure a better future.

We are wearing only six items of clothing for 40 days. Please visit our fundraising page and sponsor us!

Today, Bryony is blogging about her experience doing the Six Items Challenge so far…

One month into the Six Items Challenge and the boredom has set in FOR REAL! In desperation I’ve taken a pair of scissors to my dungarees…

Double denim makes me feel more than a little uneasy, so I’m not 100% convinced about the outcome. But, that’s tough luck. As this is one of my six items I WILL be wearing it – A LOT!

This challenge is becoming really quite difficult now. Not only am I beyond bored at my clothes, laundry challenges have meant wearing damp clothes on numerous occasions.  I’ve noticed that I’ve also kind of stopped caring about how I look – I’m sitting here in the exact same outfit I’ve been wearing for six days straight. No matter the weather or what I’m doing. In a city, on a farm, lugging furniture about, cycling, walking dogs, working, out for drinks. I have resigned myself to having no choice of outfit in the morning and it feels sad to have lost that daily bit of creative expression.

Thanks to my lovely grandad for the donation today which has cheered me up!

Despite the negatives, the Challenge has sparked a lot of interesting conversations among people I meet. Here’s hoping we can raise some more funds in the last two weeks and help keep the conversation going!

If anyone else would like to sponsor us and donate to the brilliant Labour Behind the Label Trust on the final and most demanding leg of the Six Items Challenge, it would make my day! Visit our fundraising page here.