Nike has earned billions during the pandemic, yet its workers have been left penniless in a pandemic. After being paid poverty wages for decades, workers in Nike’s supply chain are being suddenly fired without compensation or face wage cuts. In Cambodia alone workers are owed at least $109 million in wages from just the April and May 2021 national lockdown.

Nike’s net income for the 12 months ending on February 28th 2021 was $3.42 billion. In September Nike reported revenues for its first quarter ending August 31, 2021 were $12.2 billion, up 16 percent compared to 2020. Nike’s co-founder Phil Knight’s personal net worth is estimated to be $50.7 billion (USD). Ref

People making Nike’s clothes already struggled to make ends meet before the pandemic – now Nike has left them desperate.

It’s time for Nike to #PayYourWorkers!