It seems that although we didn’t run a workshop here in Manchester last week Stitched Up was extremely busy! Sara Han started her Masters, Bryony opened an exhibition, Jacky was volunteering & is now at a festival somewhere & Emily -bless her, was moving house!

Alice Eleanor was down in London on Sunday the 3rd…That’s me by the way writing this, so perhaps I’ll write in first person?!!

I had been booked for a Workshop in London the same day I was supposed to be doing a craft fair at Ordsall Hall in Salford selling some of my wares! Luckily I have a hero who came to my rescue & managed to run the stall on my behalf, click here to see my personal blog entry Alice Blogspot.
My whirlwind weekend in London was immense I ended up partying with a band called Vintage Trouble when I say partying it was all very tame really, we sat in a hotel bar sipping redwine! But I did get some huge compliments on my home-made fascinator & ended up giving one of my very special button bracelets to the drummer, he was so taken with it, I felt that it would’ve been rude not to!
The event on Sunday was Moving Image: Green Fashion Event, a show organised by some MA students & it was really good fun a very lovely young woman wrote a review for her online magazine & mentioned my workshops as being the “highlight” I did manage to get everyone involved, the models, photographers, organisers. It went down pretty well.
Sunday night I had to dash straight back up north again to run a workshop in the Wirral at a School with my very good illustrator friend Katie Hanratty We did 6 50 minute workshops throughout the school day!! It was intense, 25 female students in each group in the sweltering heat! We made paper beads from junkmail, old maps & other bits – it was world arts day & it’s such an ancient craft that continues to impress people.
The Stitched Up crewe had a lovely meeting last night & we have decided our next public event will be on the 20th July, so please pop it in your diaries! And we’ll keep you posted closer to the date. In the meantime have a look at Chic & Ethic an EU project that Sara Han & I have just been involved with! The Images below have been taken from the workshops & stall i did this weekend!