Yard Sale at Stitched Up HQ, June 2016

6 Places To Buy Ethical Fabric

We believe that using ethical, eco friendly fabric is the way forward and is essential to reduce damage to the environment and improve the livelihood of workers in the textile industry.

It may seem like tracking down ethical fabric is a little challenging but if you know where to look, its actually very easy to find affordable fabric that will keep your conscience clear.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 6 places that you can get hold of ethical fabric. This list is by no means exhaustive – there are loads more out there. Please do let us know if you have any great places to add!


Offset Warehouse

Offset Warehouse

Offset Warehouse aspires to make ethical fabric more accessible. They have fabric to suit everyone, from traditional to ahead of the trends. All of their products benefit the people who make them, the people who handle them or the environment and often all three! Every product contains a description of its ethical profile so you know exactly what you’re getting. Find out more here – www.offsetwarehouse.com


Organic Textile Company

Organic Textile Company

The Organic Textile Company stocks a huge range of organic fabrics, weaved in Kerala and Turkey, including cotton, denim, velvet, fleece, hessian, sweatshirt, bamboo and so much more, you will be spoilt for choice! They are committed to only using GOTS certified organic cotton yarn, bamboo and linen based ethical fabrics and fair trade fabric. Around ten years ago the company owners became aware of the difficult, poor and risky lives of third world cotton growers who have to rely on pesticides. The Organic Textile Company allows these farmers to farm organically meaning that they don’t have to rely on pesticide and fertiliser sellers and can live a more prosperous life. Find out more at www.organiccotton.biz


Charity Shops

Buying fabric from a charity shop saves it from ending up in landfill. As well as selling pieces of fabric, charity shops often sell funky vintage curtains and duvet covers. Large-sized clothes can be taken apart and used for the fabric too.

While it’s not possible to know whether second hand fabric was made ethically, buying second hand reduces the demand for new fabric to be churned out at an unsustainable pace which is dangerous for garment workers and bad for the environment. As a bonus, the money you spend will go to a good cause.

Find your local charity shop here.


Car Boot Sales

If you are looking to get your fabric second hand then Car Boot Sales, or Jumble Sales are another great but often overlooked option. At a Car Boot Sale you will find many hidden treasures that often have a story behind them but are no longer of use to their original owners.These sales always have tonnes of clothes and materials that can be used for their fabric. To find a car boot sale near you, have a look at www.carbootjunction.com


Scrap Stores

Scrap stores hold oodles of resources for creative people, most of which is waste which has been donated by businesses. They often have fabric for sale at excellent prices. There’s a great directory here to help you find your local one. If you’re in Manchester, you need look no further than…



Of course you can always come down to Stitched Up! We are your local textile scrap store, selling a gorgeous range of bargain fabric as well as ribbons, trims, zips and buttons. Everything we sell in our haberdashery is 100% reclaimed, either vintage or salvaged. Buying our items rescues them from the landfill and helps us to continue funding our work towards a more ethical and eco friendly fashion industry.  

We accept donations of fabric from individuals or companies. If you have some that you no longer need, please get in touch.

Our haberdashery is open to the public on Wednesday 12-7pm and Saturday 12-5pm. We also have a regular Yard Sale at our HQ where all fabrics are sold at £1 per metre.