“A fashion fast to oppose fast fashion”

14th February. A special day.

No we refer not to V Day. Though it does have something to do with love.

For us, today marks the start of the Six Items Challenge.

This year, we have again decided to take part in this sponsored ‘fashion fast’ to raise funds for Labour Behind the Label.

All sponsorship raised will be used by the campaign to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry.

We have all chosen just six garments which we will now have to wear for the next six weeks.

The six does not include (thank goodness) shoes, underwear, coats or accessories. Sportswear and work uniforms are also excluded. Though it might not sound all that tricky, believe us – six weeks can feel a long time wearing the same two outfits!

Last year we struggled with extreme outfit boredom and our clothes quite literally wearing out. As well as more real physical concerns such as being too hot, too cold or having to wear damp clothes after laundry day. We’ve had to wear our six items to weddings, funerals and important interviews.

Despite this, we believe the Six Items Challenge is important. So this year we’re doing it again.

Not only does it make us all think about how much clothing we acquire and own. But it also prompts wider conversations with the people we meet, about the issues that plague the fast fashion industry.

Most importantly of all, it raises valuable funds for a campaign that is extremely close to our hearts.

Cheap high street fashion has a huge human cost. Many of the workers sewing these clothes are trapped in low wage jobs which pay too little to meet the most basic needs. They’re often prevented from joining trade unions that would enable them to demand better working conditions and pay.

Labour Behind the Label seek to raise awareness of the issues garment workers face, providing a platform to amplify their voice. They engage UK consumers in campaigns that ask brands for change. They work with trade unions and lobby governments to legislate to protect workers’ rights.

To support all of this brilliant work, the very least we can do is commit to spending six weeks in the same six items of clothing.

So wish us luck!

As the challenge unfolds we’ll be sharing our thoughts and experiences here.

Please do follow our progress, share it and sponsor us if you can!


Stitched Up x