We take a look back at what we achieved in 2017.

Admittedly the 31st January is possibly a little late to be taking stock of the previous year… But 2018 for us got real, real fast and it’s taken till now for us to take a breath… Better later than never.

So, here it is – our rather pompously-named ‘Year in Review’.

You can check out our full 2017 in numbers here

Here are the headlines:

  1. We MADE IT to our 2017 target of diverting 1 tonne of textiles from landfill

    All the clothes and textiles that were donated to us have been put to creative re-use. Clothes past wearing were used in our workshops. Textiles were made available at £1/metre at our hugely popular Yard Sales or used in classes.
    Anything left over was recycled.
    Thanks to everyone who has donated to us and helped keep textiles in use for longer.
    We always welcome donations, so if you have fabrics taking up space, please do get in touch 🙂

  2. #McrRepairCafe was a great success, with 69% of items having been successfully fixed on the day

  3. We taught a whopping 172 people new sewing skills at our HQ in Chorlton

  4. We taught 80 sewing & upcycling workshops for organisations working with young people and vulnerable adults in Manchester

  5. We supported 4 brilliant campaigns helping to push for a more socially just and ecologically sustainable fashion industry
    One of these was the Six Items Challenge – a sponsored ‘fashion fast’ to raise money for Labour Behind the Label. We’re just about to embark on our 2018 challenge – sponsor us here!

    Check out our full 2017 in numbers here

    Massive thanks to you all for supporting us through a fabulous year.

    Here’s to an even more fun and impactful 2018!

    Stitched Up x